Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Umbilical Cord Blood Bill Signed by President Bush

President Bush signed the Umbilical Cord Blood Bill known as the Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act which was written by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ).


Umbilical cords are a rich, non-controversial source of stem cells. Currently hospitals throw millions of them away each year because the infrastructure required to properly collect and store them is not available. When signed into law by President Bush, the bill will increase the number of cord blood units and cord blood stem cells available for treating patients and research will greatly increase.

Democrats have been standing in the way of Pro-Life efforts for a long time and finally we have made Pro-Life progress in a big way! They have been pushing for Embryonic (human) stem cell research government funding but President Bush has pledged to veto any HESR bill that comes in front of him.

"We will now be able to turn medical waste - umbilical cords and placentas - into medical miracles for huge numbers of very sick and terminally ill patients, who suffer from such maladies as leukemia and sickle cell anemia," said Smith.

HESR research has not cured a thing and billions of dollars have been thrown at it around the world. Cord blood and other adult stem cell research has helped many and continues to do so every day.
Thousands have been successfully treated with cord blood stem cells for more than 67 diseases including Leukemia and Sickle Cell Anemia. This was a great victory for the Pro-Life movement.

"It occurred to me," said Smith after the passage of the bill, "while driving to work this afternoon that it is especially fitting, that during these days of holiness and religious significance, that Congress sends to the President a bill designed to effectuate cures from some of the most devastating diseases and cancers on earth."

Smith added: "Not only has God in His infinite wisdom and goodness created the placenta and umbilical cord to nurture and protect the
precious life of an unborn child, but now we know that another gift awaits us immediately after birth, something very special is left behind - cord blood that is rich with stem cells.

"Indeed, one of the best kept secrets in America today is that umbilical cord blood stem cells and adult stem cells are curing people of a myriad of terrible conditions and diseases."


United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on


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