Friday, November 18, 2005

Progress with a catch

The good news - Ohio passed a law which prohibits the state from funding embryonic stem cell research.

The bad news - They didn't ban the procedure

LifeNews Article

Republicans and Democrats are coming out with proclimations of their Pro-Life stance...:

Sen. Joy Padgett, a Republican, said he wanted to "protect life first" when describing his vote in favor of Senate Bill 210, which passed the Senate Tuesday by a vote of 21-11.

"I voted in favor of the legislation because there is nothing more sacred to protect than life," he told the Times Leader. "It's been shown very clearly that life begins very early. People now are even adopting cells (for fertility purposes). It's incredible. This was not a difficult vote at all."

Ohio Sen. Charles Wilson, a Democrat, also backed the bill.

"I like the idea it stops the use of state money for human embryonic research," Wilson told the Herald Leader. "I have taken a pro-life stance, and I would oppose anything that would pertain to the intentional killing or destroying of a human life."

...but all they did was close the door for state funding. They left the door open for individual corporations to do the research themselves, without government funding. Embryonic stem cell research is not only legal, but since they didn't pass legislation against the procedure they have given the green light to corporations to seek their own funding and continue on, business as usual.


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