Friday, November 04, 2005

Missionaries to the Preborn Press Release


Only two abortion clinics remain in Milwaukee.
Since the Missionaries to the Preborn began in 1988,
6 of 8 abortion clinics in Milwaukee have closed.

Last Saturday, October 29th, 2005, the Summit Women's Health Organization, an abortion clinic located at 530 N. Water St. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, closed it's doors for good. The clinic has not declared any public reason for it's shutting down, but since the year 2000, Missionaries to the Preborn has targeted the clinic with daily pickets. For the last five years, they have been there every day to offer help to the mothers as they approach the clinic. They have also frequently picketed the homes of the abortionists and the clinic workers.

Missionaries to the Preborn has also conducted investigations into the operating procedures of the Summit abortuary, and has publicized the malpractice lawsuits against the abortionists which "practiced" there.

From the early to mid-90's, Summit was the scene of countless rescues where the Missionaries and other Christians blockaded the doors of the clinic to defend the helpless preborn from a grisly death. Hundreds were arrested.

"We give thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for the closing of this death camp. This is proof, that when God's people act in simple obedience to His Word and show love to their neighbor in need, these abortion clinics can be shut down." --Pastor Matt Trewhella, Founder of Missionaries to the Preborn

Missionaries to the Preborn is a Christian Mission which was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1988.
Since the Mission began, six of the eight abortion clinics in Milwaukee have closed down and the number of abortions committed in Wisconsin each year has dropped by over 50%.

If you would like to support Missionaries to the Preborn, you can write them at:
Missionaries to the Preborn
P.O. Box 26931
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53226


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