Sunday, September 18, 2005

Good news for Missouri

This will save some people from the abortionist's hands for a little while anyway:

Missouri Gov. Signs Abortion Bill, Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit
Jefferson City, MO ( -- Missouri Governor Matt Blunt signed a bill Thursday that would help reduce the number of abortions there by helping parents of teens considering abortion and women suffering from botched abortions. However, abortion businesses wasted no time in taking the measure to court to prevent it from being enforced.

Blunt praised the passage of the bill, calling it a "a good pro-life piece of legislation that will reduce the number of abortions in our state" and help in "cultivating a culture that values human life and the rights of the unborn." The legislation features two key provisions. One prevents adults other than a minor girl's parents from taking her to another state for an abortion. The other requires abortion practitioners to have admitting privileges in a local hospital within a 30 mile radius of the abortion facility.

Michelle Turner-Collins, administrator of Springfield Healthcare Center, an abortion facility there, says the second provision essentially has closed the center. There is no local hospital within 30 miles of the abortion facility that has granted the abortion practitioner there to have admitting privileges. "Effectively, we're closed," she told the Springfield News-Leader newspaper. She indicated the abortion business performs approximately 1,500 abortions annually but that they stopped doing them once the law took effect yesterday. Twenty women had abortions scheduled next week and they are being referred to abortion centers in other parts of the state. Read the complete story.


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