Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Planned Parenthood is struggling to maintain their murder clinics in Mississippi.


I love quoting their statements of our successes:

"When the Jackson Women's Health Clinic (not affiliated with Planned Parenthood) first opened its doors in 1995, there were still four clinics in Mississippi that offered abortion services. But since last August, the Jackson clinic has been the only one to serve the entire state."

# The Democratic Party in Mississippi claims itself a "party of life."

# Eighty-six percent of Mississippi women live in a county without an abortion provider.

# Abortions after 16 weeks are virtually nonexistent, because no facility performs them.

# The state passed legislation last year to stop clinics from performing abortions after 12 weeks. (It was recently struck down by a U.S. district judge as unconstitutional.)

# The state is one of only two in the U.S. that requires a minor to obtain permission from both of her parents to get an abortion.

# Women must endure a 24-hour waiting period before they can have an abortion. During that time they are given state-mandated information that is often distorted or even false, such as the erroneous claim that there is a connection between abortion and breast cancer.

# The state requires that a physician give out this information, which adds to the cost of the abortion, especially for a clinic such as the Jackson Women's Health Clinic, which flies in two of its three physicians from other states.

# Mississippi also has the nation's most sweeping so-called "conscience clause," which allows any health care provider to refuse to provide abortion-related services, including referrals, to those in need.

Please, complain some more.

Keep up the hard work Pro-Life America!

Join us in the Monthly Call for Life at MarchTogether.com.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on


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