Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thank you

Thanks to all of you who helped with the Monthly Call for Life at on Friday, December 2nd. So many of you help in different ways to help the unborn, not just through the project, but also in your own ways.

Start preparing for next month. The next Call for Life day is January the 6th. Do everything you can to get the word out to everyone you know.

This will be the last Call for Life in 2005 and will be followed by the annual March for Life on the 23rd. Stay tuned for more information on that and also for the first ever Pro-Life Bloggers Conference, which will be held in Washington DC on that day, before the march. Charmaine Yoest from REASONED audacity, Tim Ruchti from and I are putting this together with help from the Family Research Council.

Again, thank you all for participating in the Monthly Call for Life at and for everything else you do to help end abortion.


United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on


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