Saturday, December 10, 2005

Columbia Remains Abortion Free

As Tim from pointed out, Columbia is a country which recently dodged the abortion bullet.

Article of an American Life League Press Release

Washington, D.C. — American Life League, the nation's largest pro-life educational organization, played a key role in a recent ruling thatwill protect the lives of countless preborn children in Colombia. "It is fair to say that ALL and other international pro-life organizations successfully prevented the 'Roe v. Wade' of Colombia from taking effect," said Gualberto Garcia-Jones, director of legislative affairs for American Life League. "Despite the best efforts of numerous American pro-abortion groups, the killing of children through abortion is illegal in Colombia."

American Life League and Human Life International took on this fight when it was discovered that many pro-abortion organizations were aiming to overturn the current Colombian law, which protects preborn babies in the womb. The Center for Reproductive Rights, International Planned Parenthood Federation, the Allan Guttmacher Institute, Human Rights Watch, and "Catholics" for a Free Choice are just a few of the American groups that were working to overturn the law and decriminalize abortion in Colombia.

Can you imagine the millions that were spent by those pro-abortion organizations who tried to bring abortion to Columbia? I'm glad some of their money went out into the world without them benefiting from it.

Congratulations Columbia!


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