Friday, June 30, 2006

Rock on Operation Rescue!

Forgive me, I get excited when I see the successes in our movement. When our efforts succeed, human lives are saved from cruel death, so obviously it feels good when we manage to slow down or stop the abortion killing machines.

In Wichita, Kansas, Operation Rescue, led by Troy Newman, succeeded in closing an abortion mill by buying the building where it was operating. The mill, Central Women's Services, was in the building that Operation Rescue purchased through a 3rd party. A stipulation in the purchase agreement was that the "current tenant not be retained". article

"We have no doubt that if we had not moved quickly to buy that building, this abortion mill would still be in operation today," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman."

The number of babies estimated killed at this mill stands at 50,000.

Thank God and the efforts of Operation rescue. That abortion mill won't kill another human being at this location. They map pop up elsewhere, but many lives will have been saved in the interim.

Operation Rescue is going to turn the building into a new headquarters and a "memorial to the pre-born.".

United we stand - Divided they Die - Pass it on


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