Thursday, May 18, 2006

Birmingham Clinic (abortion mill) Closed After Investigation

It is good news that this facility was closed down. The circumstances which lead to the closing were not.

The patient, who was not identified in the suspension order, received an ultrasound examination from a clinic worker rather than a physician, as Williamson said is required by the law.

A staff member then gave the patient RU-486, an abortion-inducing drug, and follow-up medications that are supposed to be administered only by doctors, he said.

While the patient was told during the examination that she was only six weeks pregnant, she went to a hospital emergency room six days later and delivered a stillborn infant that weighed six pounds, four ounces, according to the order.

The state health officer said the clinic might not reopen and added "We feel we need to move toward revoking their license," said Williamson".

I would hope so