Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Students Day of Silence a huge success!"

Bryan Kemper from says that the "Day of Silence" on Tuesday was very successful. The annual Day of Silence is an effort to encourage students to take Pro-Life action across America.

"Tens of thousands of students at over 1,200 campuses helped bring a voice to the horrible violence that takes place in this nation every day."
Here are some things that students experienced and said:

Hi. My name is S.J. and here is my story and what I learned from it (last sentence)...
Yesterday, I participated in a program of the Christ-centered pro-life association in which I was silent for an entire day. A white paper sign I taped to my black shirt read, "I AM SILENT TODAY IN MEMORY OF THE UNBORN BABIES WHO LOST THEIR LIVES BEFORE THEY EVER HAD A VOICE. My mother chose life, and now I'm here. Please pray for others who must make the choice."
I had written on my left hand, "There are no 'excusable' abortions," and on my right hand, "Psalm 139:15-16."
Here are some reactions people had when they found out what I was doing:

"I don't believe in picketing abortion clinics, but that silence thing is a good idea. It's like a fast."


"Are you the only one doing it, or are there more?"

*understanding smile and nod*

"Aww... and now I forgot what you ordered 'cause I was reading your shirt..."
(lunch lady)

"Is it hard?"

"Oh, I like that..."

"That's true."

"Shh!" with a smile and "You can't talk!" (when I accidentally spoke)
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Be active in the Pro-Life movement. The unborn need us to speak and protest for them. Without us they are guaranteed to die.

4,000 people died today at the hands of an abortion "doctor." Help save others from that fate.

Join us in the Monthly March for Life at

Even if you are already involved in another Pro-Life movement, it only takes 15 minutes a month to email, call, fax or write your representatives. If you want to, you can also join us in a march on a local government building.

Every little bit counts.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Abortion Clinic Closed in Missouri

Photo from Operation Rescue

We previously pointed to a proLife bill signed into law by Missouri Governor Matt Blunt which we thought would help the proLife cause. It has already had an effect only on month later!

Southwest Missouri's sole abortion clinic has closed, a victory for groups opposed to abortion rights and a development that will require women who seek the procedure to travel to other cities.


Keep going everyone, we are winning battles one at a time and many lives are being saved.

Join the Monthly Call for Life at and encourage your representatives to pass life saving bills. The national bill we want you to call on is H.R. 552, otherwise known as the "Right to Life" bill. You can find more information about that and more at